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Adjudicator Nomination Process

Step 1: Start Nomination Process

"I want to review a dispute or review a Project Manager's decision." Contact us and we will appoint a Nominator to investigate the issue.

Start Nomination Process

Step 2: Nominator investigates

The Nominator looks at the issues and information with the parties and takes an independent decision on who to nominate to decide the dispute.

Start Nomination Process

Step 3: Adjudicator nomination

The nominated Adjudicator takes over the dispute and decides on the issues. The adjudication proceeds with a decision due in 28 days.

Start Nomination Process

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When you ask nec-adjudicators.org to nominate an adjudicator for an NEC contract you are asked to do two things at least:

1. Tell us who you think is best suited to be the adjudicator and why.  Make representations to nec-adjudicators.org and if you have the persons CV send it (we probably know the person anyway).                 

2. Tell us what the dispute is about:

IF the 'Notice of Adjudication' is served, send it.

IF there is correspondence about the dispute send it.

IF a position paper is already served, send it.

IF a Referral is already drafted, send the narrative (not the supporting files).

Send the data pages from the NEC Contract, if available.

The more we are told about the dispute, the better chance you have of us nominating the 'right' adjudicator.

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